Core Values

·           Identifying the strengths and weaknesses and thereby improving the performance of the institution 

·           Contributing to National Development by producing Graduates who can cater to the needs of the economy, society and the country as a whole.

·           Preparing the students to achieve core competencies to face the global challenges successfully.

·           Verifying Academic integrity and accountability

·           Commitment to excellence in all teaching-learning process

·           Individual and collective excellence to promote professional and personal growth of all students

·           Inculcating the values of righteous conduct and co-existence amongst the students so as to make them responsible citizens

·           Commitment to the Vision and Mission of the College

·           Creating empowered women through education

·           Promotion of camaraderie and harmony among students coming from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds

·           Focusing on the students who are in dire need of socio-economic upliftment

·           Community service through NSS

·           Promotion of creativity and innovation

·           Inculcating fiscal and social responsibility

·           Empowering students to develop leadership qualities


·           Sensitizing the minds of the students towards the ideals of environment protection, cleanliness and conservation of heritage