About IQAC


The establishment of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) by accredited institutions (after the first cycle) is a major step in pushing long-term quality standards. IQAC in any institution is a significant administrative body that is responsible for all quality matters. It is the prime responsibility of IQAC to initiate, plan and supervise various activities that are necessary to increase the quality of the education imparted in an institution or college. The role of IQAC in maintaining quality standards in teaching, learning and evaluation becomes crucial, and the present research is therefore undertaken on a smaller scale to determine the exact status and functioning of IQAC and its outcome. The present research falls under the purview of quantitative research and hence quantitative methods, such as data collection, analysis, comparison, tabulation and illustration, are used. Among 55 randomly selected institutions/colleges.



  • To make our college stronger and to emerge as the college with the best quality initiatives.


  • To prioritise contentment of the stakeholders.
  • To implant moral, social and ethical values in the minds of the staff and the students.
  • To extend state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities to foster holistic development.
  • To collaborate with National, International Research institutes and to create a research ambience for creativity.
  • To foster healthy relationship and sense of belongingness on the premises.