Principal's Message

M.Sc. M.Phil., M.Ed., Ph.D.,

I hope and trust, our college being a Government institution will create a suitable ambiance for sustaining a creative learning environment that will continuously motivate all individuals to excel in education. Besides, educationists and professors are teaching and training students to achieve a goal of creating and maintaining meaningful relationships among students, teachers, staff, and community partners. They further work hard to promote values of honesty and responsibility in the minds of students to form an ideal society and a noble nation.  More to the point, with all good values, our institution is always aiming at Promoting and shaping minds of youths suitable for restructuring and elevating social and national economy and cultural standards of secular India.

Our College like all higher educational institutions has carefully designed the teaching techniques following the regulations of Thirvalluvar University, Vellore.  Our College is trying its level best to achieve the goals of social justice and equality with fraternity. The ultimate mission of our institution is to empower young minds with knowledge and courage to fight against ignorance and alleviate poverty. Lastly, all the members of the staff both teaching and non-teaching are trying their best to impart their knowledge to develop talents and skills of students to make themselves fit enough to save and lift up our nation in the world.